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Do you know where the Main Water Shut-off Valve is in your Home?

PPC advises homeowners to show their family members and even babysitters where the main water shut-off valve is located in their home in case of an emergency. To help residents quickly identify the main valve that feeds water into the home, PPC is offering free Main Water Shut-off Valve Tags that can be easily attached and remain visible to homeowners in the event of a water emergency. The laminated valve tag, which attaches to the shut-off valve with a reinforced zip tie, makes it easy to find the valve even when individuals are not familiar with the house.

“Water emergencies can occur when there is a sudden split in a pipe, a water heater bursts, a toilet tank cracks or a washing machine hose breaks,” says Jeff Kuhn, owner of SNK Pump & Plumbing and a member of PPC. “If you don’t know where the main water shut-off valve is, you can have a real mess.”

Locating the shut-off valve depends on whether a residence is hooked up to city water or well water. If the city supplies water to a home, the valve can be found just above the meter where the pipe comes into the house. Well water users need to locate where the pipe from the well comes into the house and connects to the water pressure tank. The main water shut-off valve can be found on the other side of the tank where the water flows out to other pipes in the house.

Homeowners can request a free valve tag on the PPC website.

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