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Good Plumbing Contractors Welcome Questions

When you invest in something as big as a new home, you have questions. In a quick poll of various members of the Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC), they were quick to come up with questions you should be asking them. Here’s a consensus of what they would ask if they were a homeowner.

• Are you licensed and insured? This is important because in Wisconsin, a “plumber” is someone who has completed an apprenticeship– which includes five years of classroom study and on-the-job training—and has passed a State licensing exam. State law requires plumbers to carry their plumbing license with them. For your protection, ask to see it!

• Do you offer a warranty program? The work of PPC members is automatically backed with a free, 5-year limited warranty.

• What are your service hours for regular and emergency calls? How quickly do you respond to callbacks?

• How long have you been in business and what is the size of your service force?

• What kinds of fixtures and faucets do you supply? Do you have an on-site showroom or access to a showroom for the fixtures you install?

• What kind of water distribution piping do you use…copper, CPVC or PEX? While we are not advocating any sides, some plumbers said they like PEX piping because it’s quieter and more resistant to freezing. Others believe a combination of piping is good, using PEX in the walls and CPVC in basements.

• How familiar are you with green plumbing techniques, such as water preservation, energy saving fixtures and tank-less water heaters?

These are just the basics. You may have many other questions about installing things like shower and water treatment systems, back up sump pumps and water softeners, but hopefully this gets the conversation going.

Any questions?

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