PPC History

A History of Success

The PPC was born as the result of a revolutionary agreement between Plumbers Local 75 and the Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association (PMC) in 1984. As a special joint council of these two organizations, the PPC seeks to continually improve the standards of craftsmanship, value and integrity in the plumbing industry.

Since its formation, the PPC has been an important advocate for the consumer, achieving a number of important advances in the plumbing industry, including:

  • introducing commercial project agreements for guaranteed, on-time delivery
  • activating a toll-free referral line for residential customers and a plumbing feedback line
  • creating the PPC Warranty Plan, which covers all work completed by a PPC Contractor for 5 years—the longest warranty of its kind
  • initiating joint legislation activities on behalf of the consumer to address areas of concern including codes, licenses and permits
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