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The Drain Game

A clogged drain can be a major pain when you are entertaining guests. Have a plunger handy next to every toilet in the house in the event of unexpected clogs. Another little tool, called a snake, can be your best friend when the drain clogs and can be had for about $15 at a local hardware store. About 25-ft. of snake is all you need for most plumbing jobs.

Tubs and bathroom sinks typically clog because hair and soap builds up in the drains. In both cases, remove the stopper in the sink and tub, and use the snake to loosen grime and hair.

A clogged kitchen sink is typically caused by a jammed garbage disposal. Most disposals come with an Allen wrench, the funny looking metal pipe that looks a bit like the letter Z. Under the sink at the bottom of the disposal, there is a small opening for the Allen wrench. Place one end of the wrench inside the opening and turn the wrench clockwise and counter clockwise until the wrench spins freely. If the disposal is clear and the sink is still clogged, try removing the trap in the sink drain and use the snake to loosen any clog.

The snake can be used to unplug clogs in laundry tubs as well. In fact, a snake can take care of most clogs, so if it doesn’t work, you really need to call a plumber. The same can be said for floor drains. You could rent a sewer machine, however, if the end of the snake catches on something in your pipes, it will stop turning and can be seriously dangerous to remove yourself.

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