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Top 10 Major Mistakes when Remodeling a Kitchen

The designers at Horner Plumbing, in Pewaukee, Wis., share the most common mistakes they see homeowners make when remodeling a kitchen.

1) Not setting a realistic budget for the project and once the budget is set, not staying within the budget.

2) Not taking into account how your family functions and your lifestyles to make them work with the new kitchen design.

3) Not designing within the architecture or the value of your home. Never over build for your area and do not go too trendy.

4) Trying to do the kitchen remodel yourself. If you are not skilled in the area, it can actually cost you more money.

5) Forgetting about storage needs in a kitchen.

6) Not doing any research or planning prior to starting the project. A little planning can save time and money.

7) Not making appropriate choices regarding appliances. Think about how you cook and what makes the most sense. If you over-customize your appliances, what will happen when they need to be replaced?

8) Not considering the lighting. Poor lighting in a kitchen is terrible and can make a kitchen not function properly

9) Cheaping out on the big ticket items, including the cabinets and the floors. It is unlikely you will ever go back and replace them. However you could go back someday and get new appliances, counter tops and light fixtures.

10) Not selecting good contractors. If they are not bonded and insured, they could make a bigger mess out of your kitchen. Always check their references

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