Why Choose a PPC Contractor?

Because you’ll have the confidence of knowing the person you are hiring to complete your job is exactly who you’re expecting—a licensed and certified professional committed to the delivering highest quality of service.

According to Wisconsin State law, a “plumber” is someone who has completed an apprenticeship– which includes five years of classroom study and on-the-job training—and has passed a State licensing examination. In Wisconsin, plumbers are required to carry their plumbing license with them. For your protection, ask to see it!

But a PPC Plumber is even more than that. Beyond earning the required licenses and certifications, PPC Plumbers are committed to improving their skills and knowledge through continuing education courses and safety training. They also give back to the community by participating in special community service programs and by acting as mentors to plumber apprentices.

PPC Contractors also offer you more. According to State law, a contractor either must be or employ someone who is a “master plumber”. In addition to earning a plumbing license, a master plumber must have worked in the trade for two additional years and pass a second licensing examination.

But beyond these basics, PPC Contractors offer you the additional assurance of hiring only licensed union plumbers, supplying written contracts and guaranteeing their work in writing. Because they offer health and pension benefits and comply with regular drug-testing policies, they attract the very best employees to provide you with a higher caliber of service. And like our PPC Plumbers, they are dedicated to continually improving the level of service they offer through participation in continuing education and safety programs, professional associations and compliance with required PPC regulations and programs.

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